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    Brake gap adjustment and measurement method for front axle disc brake of heavy truck


    Hello everyone! In order to welcome the upcoming weekend, We are here to share some technical stickers with you guys. 

    This article first describes how to judge whether the adjuster assembly works reliably, and further explains the measurement method of the brake gap. In order to ensure the correct use of the front axle disc brakes, we need to clarify the measurement method of brake clearance. Before measuring the brake clearance, firstly  we should confirm that the automatic adjuster mechanism (AZ9100443500 adjuster assembly) can work normally.

    Air disc brake parts’ name

    Determine if the adjuster assembly is valid:

    1. Use the SW10 wrench to turn the manual adjuster gear counterclockwise to the limit position (substantially counterclockwise rotation for two laps), and then reverse the fine adjuster a little (to prevent the thread from being issued);

    1. When the air pressure is large enough, press the brakes 10 times in place. Note: When the brake is applied, the wrench need to be fastened to the manual adjuster gear to observe whether the manual gear rotates when the brake is applied. The normal phenomenon should be that the wrench rotates (clockwise) with large angle at first, then the angle gets smaller to a stable angle. It means that the gap has been adjusted to the design value. If the manual adjuster gear does not rotate or rotates counterclockwise when the brake is applied, it means that the automatic adjuster mechanism is not working properly and must be replaced.

      ● Measurement of brake clearance:

    Air disc brake has set the brake gap from the design structure, and the brake gap is automatically adjusted and not allowed to be adjusted manually. The brake gap is normal within the range of 0.8-1.0mm. If the left and right braking force difference is too large, the braking force is insufficient, or the brake is overheated during the use of the vehicle, check the brake clearance as follows:

    1. Remove the brake pad plate, push the caliper body in the direction indicated by the arrow, and make the outer brake pad and the brake disk tightly combined.

    2.Move the inner brake pad to the brake disc to measure the gap between the back side of brake pad and adjuster assembly push plate.

    3. The gap between the back side of brake pad and adjuster assembly push plate should be between 0.8 and 1.mm. If less than 0.8mm, the adjuster assembly should be replaced.


    The air disc brake has set the brake clearance ensures the automatic adjustment of the brake gap from the design structure. The gap between the brake pad and the brake disc will remain unchanged for the life of the brake pad. Simply check the wear and tear of the brake pad according to the vehicle maintenance manual. therefore:

    1. The brake clearance must be measured in the correct way as described above;

    2. When the minimum thickness of the friction material of brake pads is less than 2mm, the brake pad have to be replaced.